Comfort Inn

Warwick, RI

Located near the T.F. Green Airport (PVD), this family hotel needed to refresh its interior to stay current in the market and remain a top choice for accommodations in the airport area. DiStudio lead the design charge to meet the Choice Hotels PIP specifications giving the property the upgrades it needed.

Type: Renovation
Scope: Lobby, Reception, Breakfast Room, Guestroom, Exterior Walkway
Services Provided: Architecture, Schematic Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration
Objectives: Remodel the spaces to meet the Choice Hotels PIP specifications while staying on budget
Budget: $1,410,870
Challenges: Designing a new covered walkway that fits the design of the existing building
“The team showed great creativity to come up with a solution to an extremely challenging task of connecting the airport to the hotel. They have kept the process on time and on budget.”
Tony DeMeloProject Manager, The Procaccianti Group